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This Ohio Harry Potter Festival Is Going To Be Magical AF

There are two ways for me to instantly know that I’m going to enjoy spending time with someone I’ve just met.

The first is if they show me any photographs of their pets. Pet people are great people, and I can always be counted on to enjoy all 13 semi-blurry pics of your cat wearing a Halloween costume.

The second is if said person shows the slightest interest in Harry Potter.

On September 1, 1998, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was officially released in the United States. That year, my sister purchased my first HP novel for my 10th birthday, which was coincidentally 10 days after the release of the book.

When author J.K. Rowling shared her unique imagination with the world, it was a game-changer. I had always been into nerdy reading, from The Hobbit to The Chronicles of Narnia, but nothing I had read up to that point had the same kind of impact as the Harry Potter series. I was completely enthralled, and so was everyone else.

The thing I loved the most about Harry Potter was that, unlike some of my other reading choices, everyone was swept up in Pottermania. It didn’t matter if you were the coolest kid in school or the weirdest, you could bond over this enthralling tale of kids our age doing remarkable things.

Harry Potter events have grown in popularity throughout the years. Prominent universities have Quidditch leagues and fans can make the epic trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. But what about fans who want to get their Potter on without shelling out the galleons?

Potter Palooza will be taking over the quiet town of Lancaster in Fairfield County. The two-day festival will run from August 3-4, incorporating magical fun throughout the whole town.

To start your visit, you’ll want to head to the Fairfield County Visitors Center at 205 W. Main St. There, you can pick up your Goodie Bag and Marauder’s Map.


After you get a good look at the map, apparate on over to the Library, located at 219 N. Broad St. by 2pm on August 3 so you can show off those wizarding robes costume contest!


Once you’ve metaphorically “avada kedavra’d” the other competitors at the costume contest, you can check out some live music from Wizard Rock Band, Tonks & the Aurors.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Potter festival without a little Quidditch. Learn how muggles can get in on the fun at the Quidditch demonstration on Saturday morning.


If you’re less of an Oliver Wood and more of a Neville Longbottom, then the Hogwarts Herbology class may be more up your alley. Here, you’ll craft your very own magical mandrake.


While wandless magic is technically possible, we all know it’s pretty challenging. That’s why you’ll want to stop in to Ollivander’s Wand Shop at the First Presbyterian Church from 1pm–4pm on Saturday, so you can craft your own wand.


Although Lancaster is only about 35 minutes from Columbus, you may want to have a little extra butterbeer and stay the night. A Magical Getaway Package is available to guests who want to spend the entire weekend Pottering out.

The Magical Getaway Package Includes:

    Free Time to explore Downtown Lancaster
    Two $20 food & beverage vouchers for participating downtown Lancaster restaurants
    One voucher for a Hogwart’s House-themed Cupcake at The Confectionary (available from 9am – 2pm on Saturday)
    One voucher for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Popcorn at Crazy 4 Popcorn
    One voucher for Hogwarts Herbology Class
    Two VIP Tourist Wristbands entitling you to discounts at participating local businesses, museums, etc.
    Goodie Bag at Check-In
    One wizardly surprise gift!
    One overnight stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites
    Breakfast at your hotel

The package is based on two people sharing a hotel room, so be sure to grab the Ron to your Hermione before heading down. Reservations can also be made by calling toll-free at 866-334-6446 or 800-626-1296. For more information about the overnight package and the festival, please click here.

Accio tickets! I’m ready to get my magic on.