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9 Relaxing Places To Chill In Your Hammock Around Columbus

Hammocking is trendy and if you aren’t on the bandwagon yet, I think you’re about to be.

Hammocking is super popular and if you haven’t done it yet, you’re missing an opportunity for cheap fun. Which is something I’m a big fan of. All you really need is your hammock and two trees and then you’re set. But some spots do have better hammocking vibes than others.

Totally new to hammocking? You can pick one up from any recreational store like REI or Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can also get them at Target and Walmart. Mine was ordered off Amazon as a fabulous Christmas present from my Stepmom (Thanks Christie!).

Franklin Park

Franklin Park has awesome big trees that provide nice shade for the hammock. This is over on the West side where the bigger green spaces are, away from the building. The big open spaces make good spots for picnic blankets or a game of frisbee too!

Highbanks Metro Park

Highbanks Metro Park is massive, like really massive. We wandered through the woods until my sister found this spot on top of a hill. Highbanks is in the Lewis Center area but you’d never even know you were close to the city or main roads! I can’t wait to head back here, I could totally spend the entire day perched here with a good book.

Jeffrey Mansion Woods

Jeffrey Mansion is really our go-to spot. We hang two or three hammocks in a cluster of trees along Alum Creek. It gets a little muddy back here when it rains but you should take your shoes off before you get in your hammock anyways. Just don’t wear your favorite shoes if it rained last night.

Hayden Run Falls

Clearly, a tree has fallen here. It wasn’t there last time I went so I really wasn’t ready for that… but the waterfall is just so pretty that we had to make it work! Hayden Falls is in the Dublin area off Hayden Run Road and Riverside Drive.

Wolfe Park

Wolfe Park is right off Broad street so you wouldn’t think it would be a good place for a nap but I guess my sister didn’t seem to mind. I like to set up here when I need some puppy love. There are always dogs and that’s the best part for sure.

James Thomas Park

Along Riverside Drive in Upper Arlington, James Thomas Park runs along Griggs Reservoir. We may or may not have almost fallen in while getting into the hammock but this spot was just so perfect that we had to give it a try! No one fell! This is a great book spot because it’s pretty quiet. There are the occasional boat and car but they’re all pretty slow moving so they’re quiet.

Indian Run Falls

Wading through the water here is so refreshing on a hot day! We took this picture on one of those days where it was a heat index of 112F or something like that. We stretched out across the creek and if you hang it low enough you could probably dangle your feet in. Most hammocks like this are the type of material that dries quickly.

Creekside Gahanna

This was the perfect spot! They’re posing for the picture obviously but looking out of the creek would make this the best reading spot. If you’re looking to get moving, the paths around the creekside park are great for a quick stroll. There’s also an area where you can wade in the water, which is nice when it’s hot out.

Goodale Park

Goodale Park was the first place I ever sat in a hammock! It was even a date! We all know and love Goodale park and hammocking is yet another great thing to do here. They were occupied at the time of this photoshoot, but there are some great spots where the branches of the trees overhang and create a super shady cove.

Best things to bring hammocking:

  • Water, because I bet once you get there you’ll never want to leave
  • A snack, because of the exact same reason
  • A good book, because hammocking is the most serene way to read
  • Music, because who doesn’t listen to music when they’re chillin’ outside
  • A bag with a loop, because then you can hang it from the carabineer
  • I 100% used this article to get my friends and family to go explore with me. I’m always looking for new places to try! Do you have a good place you like to set up camp in your neighborhood? Show us with #ColumbusNavigator!