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Guy Fieri Films Two Episodes In Columbus For The Food Network, Has No Idea He’s Actually In Flavor Town

Everyone’s favorite pop-rock chef and hair gel enthusiast has filmed two episodes in Columbus for his show ‘Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives’.

The first one, titled ‘Sammies and Spice’, airs on November 10 and is said to feature, “a Chicago-style joint killin’ it with Italian beef and real deal gyros”, according to its episode description. If you read that and couldn’t help but hear it in Fieri’s voice while ‘The Sweetness’ by Jimmy Eat World plays softly in the background, it’s only because you’re a sane person.

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Chef Bro-ardee brings it back to Columbus to air another episode on November 17 entitled, ‘College Town Champs’. He’ll be visiting, “a pierogi paradise dishin’ out their specialties where you’d least expect it.” Sound like Pierogi Mountain to you? It certainly does to me.

Beside’s being an anthropomorphic Affliction tee-shirt, the cooking personality is also known for his meme-milling catchphrase, “welcome to flavor town”. No Guy, this is flavor town. You may have been born in dear old Columbus, but don’t forget that this city puts hot dogs on its pizzas and we’re actually (and sadly) proud of that.

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Okay, how many Guy Fieri burns was that? Only four? Yeah, well, his line of kitchen knives look like they were forged at a Papa Roach concert. Let’s make it five. I kid, much love Guy, much love.

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…But seriously they do.

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