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Where To Find The Best Fair-Inspired Food In Columbus

Normally, we get a few opportunities to get our fair food fix throughout the summer in Ohio.

But not all fairs and festivals have returned to Central Ohio this year, which means that we’ve all been missing out on the opportunity to slam some deep-fried foods and wash them down with lemon shake-ups.

Luckily, there are still a few places around town where you can snag your favorite Midway snacks. Here’s where you can find the best fair-inspired grub around the city.

French fries

Where to get it: Village Taco
What we love about it: Every single thing on the menu at Village Taco is worth eating, but their french fries are fresh cut and freaking delicious. Fair fry vibes.
Dining options: You can order carryout online or dine at Village Taco, your choice.

Funnel Cake

via Facebook

Where to get it: Fun’l Frenzy Food Truck, find the food truck here.
What we love about it: Fun’l Frenzy Food Truck is the real deal. You can find the food truck at various events and locations throughout the summer. Enjoy that powdered sugar covered dough, my friends.
Dining options: You can find the food trucks location here.

Deep-fried Oreos

Where to get it: Your own kitchen
What we love about it: The Ohio State Fair put out some recipes for fair favorites, and the Deep-fried Oreo seems like the perfect snack to take on for yourself. You can view the full recipe right here. Good luck!

Corn Dogs
Where to get it: Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace
What we love about it: Dirty Frank’s is a fantastic place to stop in and do something about your fair food craving. Order yourself some corn dogs with a side of funnel fries and just enjoy the yummy ride.
Dining options: Dirty Frank’s is open for carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery.

Cotton Candy

via Damn Good Popcorn Facebook

Where to get it: Damn Good Popcorn
What we love about it: It’s spun sugar, so what wouldn’t we love about it? Damn Good Popcorn sells all sorts of Cotton Candy treats, from elaborate cakes to adorable cotton candy push pops. Each batch is made to order, so you’d better start making some decisions!
Dining options: You can visit the store at 277 Deo Dr, Newark, OH, or order online and have your cotton candy shipped right to your door.

Lemon Shake-Ups
Where to get it: Simple Times Mixers
What we love about it: If you want an exact knock-off of the lemon shake-ups from the fair we all know in love, you can definitely make your own. But if you’re doing that, you should consider putting an adult twist on your shake-up. Simple Times mixers offer a variety of flavored lemonades that you can add a splash of vodka in to make your whole non-fair experience a little more enjoyable.
Dining options: Order the mixer online and have your adult lemon shake-up at home!