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Donna’s Delicious Dozen Is Open And Ready To Serve Up Yummy Treats

Good news east siders, soon you will not have to travel far for hot fresh handmade donuts. Donna’s Delicious Dozen will open their doors on Wednesday, June 5th on North Hamilton Road.

The shop is the passion project of Traci Lukemire, who wanted to make a place where people feel joy-filled. From my experience, she’s is nailing it! The inside of the space is full of color and smells of donuts frying. What’s not to love?

The donuts are the definition of fresh. Each one is made in small batches as they are needed. I was able to watch from start to finish, from just ingredients to a piping hot cake donut in my hands, in a matter of minutes. It smelled so delicious, I ate it without any toppings (and it was amazing on its own!)

Guests can order any quantity from a single donut to a dozen per box and they’ll be topped right in front of your eyes. You can make your own combo or order from a list of in house specials. There are endless combinations. Stumped on what to get? Traci recommends the Raspberry Beret: topped with chocolate icing, raspberry drizzle, white chocolate chips, and Oreo crumbles. My recommendation: blueberry glaze with graham cracker crumbles.

In the coming weeks, they will also start to feature limited edition combinations and flavored donuts so they’ll always be something to come back for!

Donna’s Delicious Dozen is more than just a Donut Shop, it is already full of stories and memories that Traci has collected. The idea occurred to her three years ago on vacation in Florida with her family, when they visited a similar shop and she knew her community would love it as much as she did. The store is named after her Grandmother, who always encouraged her to follow her dreams and (we’re glad she did!). Community Coffee will be featured in honor of Traci’s aunt, whose love for the southern brand is a fond memory. After spending some time there, you’ll definitely feel the love!

Now you can go create your own sweet memories with them! Donna’s Delicious Dozen is located at 5322 N Hamilton Rd. You can keep up to date with them on their Facebook page and see the full menu on their website.