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The Best Places To Play Indoor Soccer In Columbus

It’s time to get out there and get sweating Columbus, and by ‘out there’ we mean ‘inside’.

If you’re anything like me, you despise any sort of exposure to the outside elements. The sun, clean air, all overrated concepts when compared to the otherworldly pleasures of Netflix and blankets. But just because you loathe the idea of not being protected by the shelter of four walls and a ceiling, doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy a game of soccer and get your sweat on. We’ve brought you the best of both worlds, a list of all the local indoor soccer facilities. And because we know you love both competition and organizing, we’ve ranked them, so that you can know, once and for all, which indoor complex is the best.

4) Stars Indoor Sports

via Stars Indoor Sports Facebook

Though they offer a wide variety of field options and sporting events, the biggest downfall for Stars are the facilities themselves. More work could be put into maintenance and some areas desperately need a make-over. Still, it’s a great option for outdoor sports during the winter months.
Stars Indoor Sports

3) Sports Ohio

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A great place for a kid’s birthday party or for little league play, Sports Ohio offers a variety of different gaming options. Some of their activities include go-karts, soccer, batting cages, and miniature golf. Age recommended fun starts as young as 3 years old and there’s even an adult league that plays every Tuesday and Thursday, 12 to 1 p.m.
Sports Ohio

2) Resolute Athletic Complex

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Resolute has some great and well kept facilities. There’s also a fully stocked bar upstairs for post-game socializing and relaxing. The center is located right next to Easton so going out for dinner with the team after getting your sweat on is super convenient.
Resolute Athletic Complex

1) Superkick

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A very well maintained indoor sports facility with a great staff, Superkick has everything you need to keep off the rust during the offseason. With a conference room and a strength training area, you’ll be able to keep your team’s competitive edge razor sharp. They even host their own leagues for both kids and adults.
Super Kick