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The Fantasy Columbus Transit Map Has Been Updated And It’s Breathtaking

This is simultaneously amazing and sad – amazing because of the work involved and the possibilities presented, but sad because as a region we seem to be all in on autonomous cars with mass transit forever an afterthought.

Putting aside the complicated feelings that this map may induce, it’s very much worth a look just because it’s gorgeous. It’s fun to fantasize about the different transit lines, and just what life would look like in a version of Columbus that had … literally any of this.

Columbus fantasy transit map
Click for original

This project was first created by Michael Tyznik (currently a graphic designer at Beardwood&Co in New York City) all the way back in 2007:

“My first system and map for Columbus was created while I was interning in Washington, DC.”

At the link, you can see previous versions of this fantasy map that Tyznik has created over the years. You can also see supporting assets he has made, such as fantasy Metro signs like this one:

Columbus fantasy metro signs

BRB, taking a train to the zoo. What an amazing thought, right?

Imagine the possibilities – via GIPHY