Columbus’ Only Indoor Golf Driving Range Closes Today

Four Seasons Golf Center, the only indoor golf driving range in Columbus, closes today, following a lengthy process that ensued after Whitehall chose not to renew their lease.

Whitehall made the decision in March of 2016, after leasing 37 acres to the center for the past 15 years. The city collected $65,000 a year from the lease, but believes it will generate over $1 million a year in tax revenue from a planned 120,000 sq ft. office park on a portion of the acreage. Whitehall Community Park will also be expanded by over 20 acres.

Four Seasons Golf Center sued Whitehall, claiming the city had made an agreement to lease the land through 2021. Whitehall eventually settled for $250,000 out of court and agreed to shut down.

Whitehall is becoming more aggressive with economic development of late and has had some impressive recent successes, like Heartland Bank opening a new headquarters on six acres of what was formerly part of Whitehall Community Park and Wasserstrom, a restaurant supply company, moving over 200 employees to a new Whitehall headquarters.

Four Seasons has suffered repeated vandalism of late, with a group of 9-13 year olds cutting a hole in the dome on Thanksgiving day, followed by another slashing on Christmas.

Columbus golfers will now be a bit out of luck in winter months, and will have to be satisfied with virtual courses like Teed Up or Caddy’s Delight or heated driving ranges like the ones found at The Golf Depot or Ables Golf.

image via Four Seasons Golf Center Facebook

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