Move Over, Indy! Columbus Is Now The 2nd Biggest City In The Midwest

Columbus has surpassed Indianapolis (in every way) and is, officially, the 2nd largest city in the Midwest.

Falling in line behind Chicago, Columbus is the largest city in Ohio, with a population larger than Cleveland and Cincinnati combined.

Columbus, with its 860,090 residents, ranks 14th in the nation. According to the census, the 15 largest cities by population are:

1. New York: 8,537,673

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2. Los Angeles: 3,976,322

3. Chicago: 2,704,958

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4. Houston: 2,303,482

5. Phoenix: 1,615,017

6. Philadelphia: 1,567,872

7. San Antonio: 1,492,510

8. San Diego: 1,406,630

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9. Dallas: 1,317,929

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10. San Jose: 1,025,350

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11. Austin: 947,890

12. Jacksonville: 880,619

13. San Francisco: 870,887

14. Columbus: 860,090

15. Indianapolis: 855,164

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In addition to it’s growing population, Columbus was also named the 8th best city for young professionals by Forbes. Although it may seem surprising to some, the population growth of Columbus isn’t really shocking. The population has been steadily increasing over the years, unlike Ohio’s other major cities, such as Cleveland, Toledo, and Dayton, whose numbers continue to decrease.

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