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This Incredible Chakra Mural Debuted Downtown Yesterday

Columbus has so many incredible murals.

There’s no way I could pick a favorite but the latest mural to join the walls of the city is climbing to the top of my list pretty quickly. Designed by artist Ryan Orewiler, the colorful mural was created for the public to use as a meditation wall.

Orewiler is an artist at 400 W Rich, who shared their excitement for the mural on social media.

“Ryan Orewiler is an incredible artist and muralist. His inspiration for this piece came from fellow 400 artist Darsy Amaya,” shared 400 W Rich on Facebook. “Through chakra color meditation and teaching, Darsy helped Ryan heal from past trauma and further open his view of the world around him and inside of him. The power of creative community never ceases to amaze us.”

Orewiler has been documenting the creation process of the mural since December 2020. I have a deep admiration for anyone who possesses even an ounce of artistic ability and big, expansive murals like this always blow me away.

This new mural is located on the side of 492 E Mound Street. You can follow the mural on Instagram, as well as the artist behind it