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10 Restaurants In Columbus Sure To Impress Any First Date

Trying to impress that special person on your first date? You won’t be able to lose with these 10 awesome Columbus dining spots.

We all know first dates can be stressful. The pressure of trying to impress that other person while also playing it cool is something very few of us are any good at, and the ones that seem to be are for sure faking it (still commendable mind you).

That’s why Columbus Navigator is here to have your back. We’ve got a whole list of hotspots around the city that’s sure to make you seem considerate, keen, and stylish on that crucial initial date.

La Tavola

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It’s easy to drive right by this spot off of 1st Avenue in Grandview, but once you find it you’ll realize how much of a hidden gem it is. Quite possibly the best Italian food you’ll find in Columbus is in this little shop, not to mention the service and style make for an intimate and charming dining experience. Plus, you’ll seem super cool knowing about a little Columbus secret like this one.

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

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Schmidt’s is a must for any food lover in the city. Known for their original sausage recipes and old-style German dishes, Schmidt’s has been serving the Columbus community since 1967. After dinner, take a walk down German Village’s historic brick roads and check out its many quaint shops. The neighborhood’s charm is enough to woo anyone on a first date.

Hound Dogs Pizza

Super fancy restaurants not your date’s thing? That’s okay, you can do modest and still delicious at Old North’s treasured pizza spot, Hound Dogs. With a variety of toppings and beers to choose from, it’s a great place for anyone trying to keep it low-key and simple. Don’t forget to try the Smoking Joes crust. So. Good.

Texas de Brazil

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Show your date that you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone by checking out Texas De Brazil’s exotic menu. Waiting staff will visit your table with a wide assortment of speared meats to carve for you right there. Enjoy southern Brazilian cuisine and fancy cocktails and impress your date with how adventurous you are.

Kooma Sushi

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If fish is the food for you then check out Kooma, right next to the North Market. This Japanese style restaurant offers some truly gorgeous looking sushi and delicious hibachi food. They pride themselves on having a modern and unique take on their dishes and they accomplish just that.

Cooper’s Hawk

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Cooper’s Hawk gives you the fine dining experience you have been looking for. With a variety of wines and a full-service bar, there’s certain to be a potent potable for anyone’s taste. After dinner, walk off your meal in Easton’s beautiful outside shopping center or check out a movie at the theatre.

The Melting Pot

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Less of a restaurant and more of an experience, The Melting Pot offers a unique and memorable dining style. They take the style of fondue cooking, popularized in the 1960s and 70s, and puts a fine dining but also casual spin on its menu. Everything is made tailored to the customer’s taste, so you and your date are bound to have a special night that you won’t forget.

Watershed Kitchen + Bar

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Come here for the amazing drinks and stay for the outrageously delicious food. Watershed Kitchen + Bar has won national attention for their incredible work for a reason, and it’s basically a guarantee that you and your date will leave happy. Seriously, yuuuummmmm.

The Crest

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With a rooftop garden at their original Clintonville location, this restaurant specializes in locally sourced foods served from farm to table. With two different locations in Clintonville and on Parsons Ave, you have twice the dinner options with their differing menu items. This is a great pick if your date requires vegan or vegetarian options!

101 Beer Kitchen

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If something more relaxed with a larger beer menu is what you’re looking for, definitely check out 101 Beer Kitchen. This place has a beer menu that few can rival as well as a seasonally rotating menu full of some truly delicious options. All the food is made in-house so you know everything comes out tasty and fresh. They have three convenient locations for you to enjoy in Gahanna, Dublin, and Westerville.

I have no doubt that you’ll totally win with one of these options, friends.

All you need to worry about now is dressing yourself, pretending to be relaxed when you’re obviously not, and not saying anything that will make you sound uncool in any way. Well, good luck Columbus, knock ‘em dead!