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The Best Cheap Eats In Columbus

Sometimes we find ourselves on a tight budget, that means cutting back on many of the things we enjoy most.

Clothes, games, concert tickets, and yes, even some of our favorite restaurants. But that doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally treat ourselves to some yummy and still affordable grub.

There are a bunch of places around town that we can chow down at and still keep our wallets unbruised and intact. These are some of our city’s crown jewels when it comes to eating pretty on a small dime. You can eat well at all of these spots for $10 or less, so go get yourself something delicious.

Buckeye Donuts

gyros buckeye donuts
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Of course, donuts are the natural food choice when visiting somewhere as iconic as Buckeye Donuts. But you don’t have to eat them for lunch or dinner if you don’t want to. They are open 24 hours, so if an 11 p.m. gyro craving strikes, you can grab almost any gyro on the menu for less than $8. Donuts are around $2 each if you want to save a little room for dessert.

Location: 1998 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
Average price: $8
Website: Buckeye Donuts

Los Guachos

tacos los gauchos
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Location: 5221 Godown rd., 1376 Cherry Bottom rd.
Average price: $4-$7
Website: Los Guachos

Los Gauchos is so friendly on the wallet and the tastebuds. Seriously, you can get so much food at Los Gauchos for $10 or less. Their OG Al Pastor tacos are $2.50 each, a cheese quesadilla is only $4, and chips and guac is $5. It’s seriously heaven.

Press Grill

hotdogs cheeseburgers press grill
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If you’re craving a burger, head to Press Grill. This Short North icon has cheeseburgers for $5.50, and they’re so yummy. Honestly, their whole menu is super affordable and you can get a grilled cheese, a turkey sandwich, or a Nathan’s Famous hot dog all for well under $10 each.
Location: 741 N. High Street
Average price: $8
Website: Press Grill

Lucky’s Market

pizza by the slice luckys market
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Lucky’s Market offers a selection of deli subs & sandwiches for $5.99, sushi for $5 on Tuesdays, and pizza by the slice for $2.50 every day except Thursday, when slices are only $1.99. The food is delicious and made in house. Plus, it’s a great place to stop for lunch when you also need to pick up some other random items from the grocery store midweek!

Location: 2770 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202
Average price: $2-$6
Website:Lucky’s Market

German Village Coffee Shop

breakfast food
Photo by Chelsea Wiley

German Village Coffee Shop makes the cut on several lists around here, but that’s because it’s affordable and delicious. This old-school style diner has incredibly affordable prices. Two people can easily get out of here for $20 or less, especially when you consider that there’s not one single item menu that costs more than $10. They’re open for breakfast and lunch.

Location: 193 Thurman Ave #2629, Columbus, OH 43206
Average price: $4-$8
Website:German Village Coffee Shop/a>

Sushi Ten

california roll sushi ten
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The sushi rolls at Sushi Ten are some of the best deals in town. A California Roll will cost you $4.85, which means that depending on your budget, you may even have a little money left over to run over to Belle’s Bread for a sweet treat.

Location: 193 Thurman Ave #2629, Columbus, OH 43206
Average price: $7
Website:Sushi Ten/a>

Dirty Franks

hot dog fries dirty franks
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Dirty Franks has been my go-to cheap date night for a decade now. They have such a great variety of hot dogs that cost, on average, between $3-$6 and adding sides won’t break the bank. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be over here daydreaming about a Puff the Magic Popper.

Location: 248 S. 4th St.
Average price: $3-$6
Website: Dirty Franks