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This Souvenir Video From 1992 Shows AmeriFlora In All Its Glory

Back in 1992, Columbus hosted the first international flower show in the United States.

AmeriFlora ’92 was an international horticultural event held here in Columbus from April 20 to October 12, 1992. The exhibition cost $95 million, employed over 200 full-time employees, and hosted over 5.5 million visitors.

Franklin Park hosted the event with the Victorian conservatory serving as the centerpiece of AmeriFlora. In addition to Franklin Park, the Topiary Park was created for the exhibition. The exhibition closed in October 1992 but the park cleanup and conversion lasted through the winter.

I personally went to AmeriFlora as a kid and I remember finding it absolutely magical. Seeing this souvenir video really brought the early 1990s crashing back into focus. From the hair to the clothes to the fanny packs, the 90s are very alive in this retro clip.

Enjoy your stroll down memory lane, Columbus. And let’s all agree that the next time we have an international horticulture exhibit on this level, we dedicate it to someone more deserving than Christopher Columbus!