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A New Ohio Tourism Sign In Detroit Has Sparked An Internet War

According to a Detroit subreddit, war has been declared, and the first shot fired was this massive Ohio tourism sign.

Last week, the state of Ohio revealed a return to the old tourism slogan, “Ohio. The Heart Of It All”. After a new sign was displayed in downtown Detroit, the internet sort of lost it.

Specifically, Reddit.

And listen, as a lifelong Ohioan, I get it. Those Detroiters probably woke up to the same feeling I get every time I have to suffer through a Pure Michigan commercial. It’s not any of our faults, it’s just the way we are.

WTF is this?
by u/ch4rli3br0wn in Detroit

The feud between Ohio and Michigan is a legendary rivalry that dates back to the early 19th century. Rooted in a contentious history, the rivalry primarily centers around the disputed territory known as the Toledo Strip. This border dispute sparked a fierce and enduring rivalry between the two states.

Fueling the rivalry further are the heated sports competitions, particularly the iconic college football clash between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines. The rivalry between Ohio and Michigan is characterized by playful banter, passionate loyalty, and a never-ending quest for bragging rights.

by u/Akahige- from discussion WTF is this?
in Detroit

Despite the rivalry, it is worth noting (and it sort of pains me) that both states share many commonalities, including a rich industrial heritage and a love for their respective communities. Ultimately, this rivalry serves as a reminder of the intense regional pride and the enduring spirit that defines both Ohio and Michigan.

This Ohioan has to admit that Michigan is doing a lot right lately. From their progressive stance in politics to the state’s natural beauty, I do think we’re lucky to have them as a northern neighbor. After all, there’s no state I’d rather fight with more.

And hey, at least none of us have to be Indiana.

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