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A Visit To Groovy Plants Ranch Is The Perfect Way To Nurture Your Green Thumb

Back in the summer of 2020, like so many others, I fell in love with gardening.

Those early days of the pandemic were so uncertain and scary, and I found real solace in just trying to keep some plants alive. It was around that time that I took my first visit up to the magical Groovy Plants Ranch.

When we first pulled up, I was immediately struck by how bright and colorful the place is, and I don’t just mean the plants. Everything about the ranch is joyful and I knew it was the right place to be.

The Ranch is nestled into a 2-acre partially wooded property. The plant selection changes by season, with fruits and veggies, herbs, annual and perennial plants, pumpkins, house plants and more.

The place is a plant lovers heaven. Honestly, it’s heaven whether you enjoy plants or not. The smells, the sounds of live music through the trees, it’s all insanely magical.

The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and they never hesitated to check-in and make sure that I knew where I was headed and what I was looking for.

It could be that they just know when someone’s as clueless as I am around plants, but I think it’s just that they’re fantastic at their jobs and care about their customers.

Groovy Plants Ranch is located at 4140 County Road 15, Marengo, OH 43334. They’re open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the first hour of business is reserved for Seniors.

To see more photos of the ranch, keep scrolling.