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6 Places To Get A Great Bowl Of Soup In Columbus

If you’re anything like me you’re pretty pathetic when it comes to the cold. As soon as it drops to freezing, I’m hiding under a blanket, rocking back and forth, chattering my teeth off. I dread the frigid days of winter but I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to stave it away.

I’m talking a nice, body-warming cup of soup or a tongue-burning bowl of chili. The hearty broth pours right into your bones and keeps you just warm enough to not feel completely miserable come mid-winter.

Basically, soup is the kind of food that we all turn to when we’re looking for something comforting and filling.

Obviously, soup can make any chilly day feel cozier. But no matter what time of year. itis, it’s a great time to treat yourself to something creamy or brothy. So with that spirit in mind, here are six joints in the city you just have to hit up for a cuppa the warm stuff.

The Old Mohawk

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Which soup to try:  French Onion, topped with croutons, provolone, and swiss cheeses— baked to a golden brown.
Where: 819 Mohawk St, Columbus, OH 43206
Website: The Old Mohawk

The Brown Bag Deli

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Which soup to try: Soups change daily. Most recently there was Roasted Veggie Puree, Spicy Ham and Black Bean, and Creamy Tomato. Pair a half sandwich with an 8-ounce cup for a lunch of pure comfort.
Where:  898 Mohawk St, Columbus, OH 43206
Website: The Brown Bag Deli

Katzinger’s Deli

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Which soup to try: Matzo Ball soup, all day, every day. Chicken broth, perfect matza balls, what’s not to love?
Where: 475 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Katzinger’s Deli

Italian Wedding Soup

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Which soup to try: The Wedding Soup at Carfagna’s is one of the best soups you could ever have the pleasure of eating. Maybe that’s dramatic, but there’s just something about the broth, the tiny meatballs, and the egg drops that hits differently.
Where: 1440 Gemini Place, Columbus, Ohio, 43240
Website: Italian Wedding Soup


Which soup to try: Lobster bisque. It’s creamy and high end, filling and delicious. Basically, what’s not to love?
Where: 169 E Beck St, Columbus, OH 43206
Website: Lindey’s

Tip Top Kitchen

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Which soup to try: Spicy Vegetable Corn Chowder.
Where: 73 E Gay St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Tip Top Kitchen