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5 Best Places to Buy an Ugly Sweater in Columbus

For many reasons, one of my favorite winter tradition is wearing my Ugly Holiday Sweaters. I firmly believe everyone should have *at least* one, or if you’re like me, a collection.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, big warm sweaters are a universal luxury in these blustery Ohio winters. Plus, there is no one right version of an Ugly Holiday Sweater so you can truly make it your own. Finally, it’s the perfect thing to wear to a holiday party where you know you’re going to eat too much.

Have I convinced you that you need one (or several) yet? Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best places around the city to find them.

1. Volunteers of America

Location: 3620 Indianola Ave.
Store Type: Thrift

In my very humble opinion, Volunteers of America is the best Thrift Store in Columbus for most things, so it’s obviously an incredible place to find a tacky sweater for the holidays. This location does two very important things well: selection and set-up. They have a huge selection of clothing for you to pursue, but the store is laid out by category so you don’t have to waste time if you are going to get something specific, i.e. a big ol’ holiday sweater. VOA has got you if you are willing to do minimal digging but still looking for that thrift store price tag.

2. Out of the Closet

Location: 1230 N High St.
Store Type: Thrift

Out of the Closet has an incredible selection, especially for being in the Short North. There is way more than you’d think! For some reason, they tend to get the most unique second-hand items out of any thrift store in the city. Big ugly holiday sweaters are no exception. Plus 96¢ of every dollar collected by their store directly fund HIV/AIDS programs and services and that’s truly a great bonus!

3. Flower Child

Location: 233 E 5th Ave.
Store Type: Vintage

For a big tacky holiday sweater enthusiast like me, you get way more points if your sweater is old. Flower Child does a great job of curating new and old vintage in general, but they’ve got a treasure trove of ugly sweaters just waiting to be put to good use. It’s a blast to stroll through their holiday set-up and imagine the parties of yesteryear where you’re new ugly sweater was once considered the highest point of fashion! This is definitely the priciest option on the list, but you’ll be leaving with a vintage piece that’s been well maintained!

4. Village Discount Outlet

Location: 3500 Cleveland Ave.
Store Type: Thrift

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, this is your place. The sheer amount of items available at Village Discount Outlet makes it worth the trip. You truly never know what you might find and because you have to work for it, you’re more likely to come across some Ugly Sweater gold that would get immediately snatched up in a more curated shop. Plus, the feeling of thrifting victory is just too sweet when you finally find that gem after digging all day.

5. Rag-O-Rama

Location: 3301 N High St.
Store Type: Curated Secondhand

Want to make sure you’ve got a top-notch sweater but have little time to find it? Rag-o-Rama has you covered. The Staff at Rag-o-Rama does the work for you by handpicking everything that hits the racks at the store. You’re only going to find quality second-hand sweaters here! You are going to pay a little bit of a higher price tag for the service, but you will save a lot of time!

Happy Shopping!