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What? Music and Arts Festival Will Return In August

What? Music and Arts Festival will return this year for two days of immersive art.

The festival will take place Friday, August 6 and Saturday, August 7. This year, artists Yheti, Mersiv and Daily Bread return. They’ll be joined by newcomers CharlestheFirst, Of the Trees, Tripp St, Veil, NotLö, Artifakts, Late Night Radio and Derlee.

What? Music and Arts Festival 2021 is incorporating more auditory experiences, mind-bending interactive artistry, holistic wellness programs, and educational workshops. The festival will feature live music, live muralists, interactive installations, food, and more.

“We’re creating a community around art, getting people from our city involved, and now, all around the country,” explains Ryan McKee, event director and What? Productions co-founder. “We’re more than doubling the festival footprint in 2021 with floor-to-ceiling visuals and multiple music stages for an epic two-day event.”

The festival will take place at Steelton Yards, a large outdoor venu adjacent to The Fort at 2000 South High Street. This is the first event to take place at the new venue.

“We’ve been building up the community of small businesses in Steelton and around the Fort for the past four years. It has long been our dream to bring that mix of music and visual art to this side of town and what better group to partner with than the What? Music and Arts Festival team?,” says John Mally, Dot Connector at Steelton Yards/The Fort.

The goal of the What? Music And Arts Festival is to inspire attendees and to provide an inclusive place for self-expression. It’s a great opportunity to check out local artists, have some food, and enjoy the arts in Columbus. You can check out the full line-up of artists below.

MUSIC ARTISTS: CharlestheFirst, Mersiv, Yheti, Of the Trees, TSURUDA, Toadface, Tripp St., Black Carl!, Veil, NotLö, Daily Bread, Late Night Radio, Artifakts Derlee, The Quasi Kings, Barefuzz, Electric Orange Peel, Faye, Fear and Lowe, School of Rock, Friends with Elephants, Easy Tiger, Pinwheel, Dewmba, and Samson.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Apex Collective, Adam France, Alessandra Hernandez, Andy Meyer, Aqua H., Audreana Cary, Austin Toliver, Brian Wooden, Britnee Livingston, Caine Barber, Cassilyn Blair, Cee Elbert, Chelsea Snedden, Chilly Rodriguez, Chris Cropper, Chris McCall, Christina Kellaris, Contron Art, Crystal Dawn O’Donovan, Daisy Dominguez, Dan Slutz, Dave B. Draws, Digital D., Dillon Beck, Donnie Mossman, Elise Alexander Art, Elle Yax, Erin Stacey, Jacob Grim, James Houstian, James Rouch, Jessica D. Loper, Jessica Flowers, Jorge Vales, Kyle Dineen, Larissa Kurucz, Lee Mora, Logan Walden, Luna Raine, Mackle, Flatchair, Madelyn Lambert, Marie Cottrell, M.K. Erdmann, Maya Hehemann, Mia Otto, Mikar Em, Mike Fletcher, NEWFACE, Nate Revello, Nick Tuke, Olga Klimova, Paul Roy, Pauly Optix, Rhobah Arman, Richard Roldan, Richard Roldan, Ryan Orweiler, Ryan Sauger, Sara Allison, Sarah Field, Shawn Lasse, Shawn Love, Simone Robinson, Sky Dai, Sol Spectra, Starr Williams, Steve Jebbett, Susanna Harris, T. Glace Creative, Technocolorart, the Incogneato, Tetra Elemental, Tiffany Rainey, Tod Seitz, Tommy Cox III, Vincent Michael Krivda Jr., and Vividly Arts.

PERFORMANCE ARTISTS: Awsha Ashwell, Audrea Vealey, Courtney Wallace, Frick Frack Black Jack, Lexircus, Parachute People, Rave Cravings, Sunny Hooplove, Squidnee Simone, and Tasha Walls.