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This Old Train Car Diner Was Named The Best Diner In Ohio

This is going to sound oddly specific, but have you ever wanted to dine in a vintage steam engine while celebrating everything Ohio State Buckeyes?

Well, pack your appetites because the Buckeye Express Diner in Bellville has just been dubbed the best diner in Ohio by the culinary scouts at Love Food, and it’s easy to see why.

buckeye express diner exterior
The Buckeye Express Diner. Photo via Facebook.

A Dining Experience That’s Anything But Ordinary

Located within the cozy confines of a repurposed vintage train car and decked out with Ohio State Buckeyes memorabilia, The Buckeye Express Diner takes fandom to a whole new level of delicious.

buckeye express diner counter
The counter at Buckeye Express Diner. Photo via Facebook.

Love Food highlighted the diner not only for its mouthwatering menu but also for the unique dining setting. It’s the kind of place where the novelty of eating aboard a train car meets the warmth of family cooking, creating an atmosphere that’s both exciting and comforting.

buckeye express diner tables
The dining area at Buckeye Express Diner. Photo via Facebook.

Perfect for Families and Fans Alike

Looking for a fun family outing? This gem is just a short drive from Columbus and offers a whimsical dining experience that’s sure to delight both the young and the young at heart. With special “Caboose Baskets” for the kids and a menu packed with comfort food classics, there’s something for everyone.

burger and fries from buckeye express diner
A burger and fries from Buckeye Express Diner. Photo via Facebook.

Nestled at 810 State Route 97 W. and welcoming guests from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily, there’s ample opportunity to embark on this culinary journey.

The Buckeye Express Diner Verdict

Is it the charm of dining in a piece of history? The joy of indulging in home-cooked classics surrounded by Buckeyes pride? Or perhaps it’s the thrill of discovering a dining spot that goes beyond just serving food to delivering a memorable experience.

buckeye express diner patio
The patio area at Buckeye Express Diner. Photo via Facebook.

Whatever it is, the Buckeye Express Diner has captured the hearts of Ohioans and food enthusiasts alike. It’s quirky, it’s kind of weird, and that makes it so Ohio.

To take a look at the menu or to plan your visit, head over to