Tame Salon Is The Perfect Place To Practice A Little Self Care

💸 This post is sponsored by Tame Salons. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

Going to the salon is so much more than just getting a haircut.

For people like Niki Levengood, the owner of Tame by Niki, it’s a place to feel safe, comforted, and understood. As a single mom who opened her first small salon stall at 20, Niki wanted to create a place where women, clients, and employees could feel good, look good, and feel loved and cared for.

“We all need a break from life sometimes,” Niki told me. “The two hours you are in my salon, you leave feeling reenergized and confident.”

From a young age, she knew that she had a passion for hair and she was fortunate enough to have parents to help cultivate that passion.

She launched her first big salon in 24 and she hasn’t really looked back since. Early on in development, Niki did things that she thought clients would like, but as she grew she realized that being her authentic self and reflecting herself into her space brought her the clients she wanted to work with.

“I love the beach, I love to feel relaxed, I always feel a lot of weight on my shoulders and I wanted a place where I could go to work and feel at peace,” she explained.

Part of that peace included giving other women an opportunity to work in a supportive, team-based environment. She believes that when the salon works as a team, the clients enjoy their experience more.

“As women, we are so busy and we feel like we have to conquer the world. If you don’t feel confident on the outside, you can’t feel confident on the inside. In our everyday lives we should really encourage each other,” said Niki. “I think it’s our job, in general, to spread love, give love and help people feel great.”

Right now, Niki is working on expanding the brand she’s worked so hard to build. In her salons, they’ve always done weddings, both hair and make-up, and Niki knew that she wanted to have her own cosmetic line.

As she moves to grow her empire, her “express yourself” vibe is inherent in everything she does. That fire and passion to succeed is largely influenced by the impact her son has had on her life.

“My biggest motivator and my best friend is my son Dylan. He has shown me empathy, he’s the reason I do what I do,” she said. “Women have the capability and the heart to do whatever we desire.”

Tame Salons specializes in color, extensions, lashes, cuts, balayage, and more. You can schedule an appointment to become a #tamebabe by visiting tamehairsalons.com. The salon is located at 246 Granville Street Columbus, OH 43230.

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