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La Super Torta Is The Must Try Mexican Restaurant You’ve Never Been To

Less than a mile away from the Hollywood Casino on Georgesville Road you’ll find La Super Torta, a small but charming Mexican food joint nestled on the end of an unassuming shopping strip.

The interior was inviting and gave off a welcoming family vibe. Flowers lined the ordering counter, streamers of patriotic Mexican heritage hung from the ceilings and walls.

Toward the back was a gorgeous depiction of the Virgin Mary. Enshrined by candles and a wreath, it only added to the family-like charisma of the place. As if it were put together by someone’s devoutly religious and loving grandmother.

I only glanced briefly up at the menu before embracing my own indecisive nature. “I don’t know man,” I said shaking my head “what’s good?” The guy at the counter gave a soft sort of chuckle. “You want the Cubano my friend. Everyone loves the Cubano.”

I did not regret taking his advice. The torta was layered and stacked with a variety of toppings. Iceberg lettuce spilled out the sides, fried egg and chorizo piled on top of sausage and shredded chicken, with mustard that was present but not overpowering- all in between two flattened toasted buns. The sandwich was large but unintimidating, washing down cleanly with a vintage glass bottle of Coke.

Not only was it the best Cubano I’ve ever had, the service was quick and friendly. The guy at the counter smiled knowingly as I sat up after the meal. I reassured him that I absolutely loved it by giving him the thumbs up and patting my swollen belly. He nodded and waved as I left, obviously content that he had satisfied another customer.

If you’re ever on the city’s westside you absolutely need to check out Super Torta. Just order whatever the guy at the counter points in your direction, he won’t do you wrong.