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9 Date Ideas Perfect For When You Can’t Actually Go Out In Columbus

I don’t need to tell any of you that sometimes, a big night out just isn’t in the cards.

We’ve all been spending more time at home than we’re probably used to due to COVID-19 and on top of that, it’s full-on winter out there. But who says that you can’t have a fun and romantic date night from the comfort of your own home?

Want to get super fancy and have a candlelit dinner? You can do that. What about utilizing that firepit for a cozy evening of snowy stargazing? These are stressful times we’re living in, and everyone deserves the chance to unwind with their significant other. If you’re staying at home together, here’s how you can make it a little more special.

Watch a concert through PromoWest

We may not be able to go to any concerts just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve concert vibes at home. Break out some old rope lights, throw on your best concert outfit, and get Youtube queued up. PromoWestTv has tons of live performances to choose from and if you’re feeling really extra, you can even overcharge your partner for a beer to fully commit to the mood.

Get artsy with Wexner’s virtual content
There are a lot of things to love about Columbus, but the thing that really takes the cake for me is our access to creative content from our arts organizations. If your idea of a date night involves exploring the world from the perspective of various artists across multiple mediums, you’ll want to take advantage of everything coming out of the Wexner Center of the Arts right now.

Go stargazing in your backyard
Obviously, this one is dependent on having a backyard. But if you do, head outside and turn your eyes upward. Snuggle up with some blankets around the firepit and sip on something warm. You can tell some campfire stories and enjoy some fresh air and the limitless beauty of the cosmos. Feel free to check how good the weather will be for stargazing here.

Have a family game night


If you have kids, you can’t exactly order up a babysitter right now. But that’s okay because we can totally incorporate them into this date night experience. Most games generally take more than two people to play them anyway. You can choose your favorite board game that you’ve already got at home, or consider making one up as a family. Now is your chance to make the family-friendly version of True American you’ve been dreaming about.

Have a drink and do a puzzle


Next time you head out for some essential shopping, pick up a couple of bottles of your favorite wine. Or, better yet, you can order some local beer & wine delivery. The next thing you’ll need to acquire for this date is an excellent puzzle. You can use any puzzle you have laying around, but it would be a shame not to bring up this awesome Retro 1966 Ohio jigsaw puzzle.

Enjoy an old-school, dishes-free evening

Step one to this date seems simple but will probably take you longer than you think it will. We’re going to throw it back to the days of mixed tapes here, my friends. Make an epic playlist for your partner. Make it personal and lovey and at least a little sappy. Then skip the dishes and order carryout or delivery from your favorite restaurant in Columbus. Once the food arrives, you can throw on the playlist while you eat and get all up in your feels with the memories that flood back from your song choices. If you’re feeling extra romantic, add in a little post-dinner dancing.

Relax with an at-home spa date

After a long week of work, you may be interested in something that’s still romantic, but a little more low-key. That’s when your at-home spa date will really come in handy. Throw on some face masks (of the clay variety for a change), exfoliate that skin, and maybe even tack on some massages. You’re two consenting adults and it’s 2021… why not? Don’t forget to have the champagne and strawberries set aside. It’s a scientific fact that it’s hard to be upset while eating strawberries and sipping bubbly.

Embrace your inner kid


Now seems like the perfect time to enjoy the simple things in life and to let a little of that carefree, childhood spirit back in. Bust out the crayons, blow some bubbles, build a fort out of blankets, or have a pillow fight. I don’t care what “made for kids” activity you choose, but just have fun with it. That’s 100% the goal of this.

Host a group date online


Get the old gang together, virtually, for a big group night full of fun. You can play trivia, or a drinking game, or a trivia drinking game with all of your favorite couples, and you don’t even technically have to put on pants to do it. Just remember to position your camera accordingly folks. We’re not talking about dinner and a show here.