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This 20-Foot Slingshot Sculpture Will Be Installed In Franklinton This Fall

A giant slingshot sculpture will soon be the talk of the town in Franklinton.

The slingshot was designed by franklinton resident and artist Andrew Lundberg and Lundberg Industrial Arts. The sculpture will stand 20-feet tall and will be a great photo opportunity for those visiting the neighborhood.

The slingshot will be the centerpiece of Lucas Street Plaza, an area within the River & Rich development that was specifically designed to house a large sculpture. Behind the sculpture, visitors will see a hillside that leads to the Scioto River.

via Facebook

River and Rich developers CASTO shared the news about the approval of the sculpture on social media, explaining the meaning behinds the slingshot.

“The Slingshot is a kinetic representation of the link between Columbus and Franklinton. Viewed in passing, it harnesses the potential energy of the moment right before the slingshot is released,” the developer Facebook“>shared on Facebook. “As an interactive experience, individuals can place themselves into the moment, viewing the Columbus skyline from Franklinton, and feel the energy that connects communities and binds them together.”

Sculpture in the making via Facebook

This fun addition to the Franklinton Arts District is expected to be installed this fall. For more updates, you can follow CASTO on Facebook and Instagram.