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16 Photos That Show Vintage Wendy’s Was The Best

This is where I am mentally:

Wendy's Sunroom

Given that reality, let’s take a minute and stroll down memory lane for a look at Wendy’s and its long relationship with Columbus.

First of all, here’s how these solariums looked from the outside (a somewhat modern example):

Wendy's Solarium
Credit: WikiCommons

Who remembers the original location located in downtown Columbus, across the street from COSI?

Sign for Wendy's original location
Credit: Joe Ross – The first Wendy’s 7-15-2006 (1) CC BY-SA 2.0

A sight for sore eyes:

Original Wendy's exterior
Credit: Joe Ross – The first Wendy’s 7-15-2006 CC BY-SA 2.0

Those newspaper tables!

Original Wendy's Interior
Credit: Joe Ross – The first Wendy’s 7-15-2006 (2) CC BY-SA 2.0

Unfortunately the original Wendy’s closed in 2007, but it lives forever in our hearts. This photo was taken on the last day of operation:

First Wendy's location on its last day in operation

The message to customers on the final day:

The message to customers on the original Wendy's final day

Historical sites get historical markers:

First Wendy's location historical marker
Credit: WikiCommons

The flagship Wendy’s in Dublin, Ohio is a great place to go today to take in some Wendy’s history:

Flagship Wendy's in Dublin, Ohio

And when we’re talking about Wendy’s history, there’s a whole lot. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger repping the brand back in the ’70’s.

Arnold eating a burger in a 1970's Wendy's ad

The eternal question

And the answer – Arnold found the beef!

Arnold flexing in '70s Wendy's ad

Does anyone remember these animated ads from the ’70’s?

Did yellow Wendy’s hit a little different?

Yellow Wendy's

The yellow Wendy’s design is like stepping into a time machine:

Yellow retro Wendy's

Some are even alive through today! This location is in Fairfax, Virginia: