The PNC Building Plaza Is Getting A Gorgeous, Modern Update

One of Downtown’s blocky, 1970s buildings is getting a modern overhaul.

The PNC Building, located at 155 E. Broad Street, is adding a new residential area to the office building. The tower was built in 1977 and has 24 stories. It’s not the tallest building in the city, but it does have a strikingly unique presence.

The plan so far calls for the removal of the glass atrium in front of the tower. It will be replaced by a landscaped plaza which would include a sunken garden, a waterfall, and a small pond. The space would be open to the public during daylight hours, adding a breath of fresh air to E. Broad Street.

A new restaurant will overlook the nature-filled plaza in addition to a retail space. The top 14 stories of the building will be converted into market-rate apartments and the lower portion of the building will remain operating as PNC office space.

The plan for the renovation still needs approval from the Downtown Commission, but it was very well-received at a commission meeting last month.

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