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The Nordecke At The New Crew Stadium Is Going To Be Awesome

If you’ve ever been to a Columbus Crew game, then you know how vital the Nordecke is to the general atmosphere of the stadium.

Obviously, the action on the field matters, but the Nordecke can take an average game and turn it into something damn near magical with their heightened energy, their amazing chants, and their serenading tunes.

And because of their fantastic loyalty and team spirit, these dedicated fans being rewarded with an insanely awesome new Nordecke at the new stadium. The Nordecke will have the capacity for 3,300 fans. The area is for the fans who want to be on their feet and will feature standing room only stands.

The section will feature “an integrated tifo rigging system, capo stands, two patio decks, and the Nordecke Beer Garden – the first beer garden specifically for a supporters’ section in MLS.”

All seats will be covered by a canopy that will extend to the first row, amplifying noise and directing it back to the pitch. Talk about intimidating!

The stadium is set to open in the summer of 2021. For season ticket information, you can click here. To stay up-to-date on the progress of Crew Stadium, you can follow them on Twitter or watch the live stream of stadium construction here.