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Two New Hiking Trails Opened This Week In Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills gets its first new trails in over 50 years.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources unveiled two brand new trails this week. The Hemlock Bridge Trail and Whispering Cave Trail will be the first new trails introduced to the park in 50 years. The Whispering Cave Trail spurs off of The Hemlock Trail and connects into the path leading to Old Man’s Cave. Combined, both form a 2.5-mile circuit within the state park.

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Hemlock Bridge is one-mile long and connects to the Grandma Gate Trail. Its major feature is the swinging bridge which crosses over Salt Creek. Its sister trail, Whispering Cave, gets its namesake from its acoustic layout. Rumor has it that a person at one end of the cave structure can whisper and be heard by someone all the way at the other end.

Hocking Hills has always been a popular destination, drawing in as many as 5 million visitors a year. It even attracted attention from Hollywood celebrity Matthew McConaughey when he took is family ziplining at Rockbridge earlier this week. With the addition of two new attractions, the state park is expected to receive even more nature lovers this year.

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