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This Downtown Surface Lot Will Be Transformed Into A 5-Story Mixed-Use Building

Big changes are coming to the corner of E. Spring Street and Neilston Street downtown.

This upcoming project is all about making the most of underutilized space in downtown Columbus. The plan encompasses five parcels of land that currently serve as surface parking lots. The vision? A sleek and modern 5-story mixed-use building located at 281 E. Spring St.

Here’s what you can expect:

131 Residential Units: That’s right, this development will bring more housing options to downtown Columbus, 131 of them to be exact.

97 Structured Parking Spaces: Parking can be a concern in downtown areas, so this project includes ample parking to cater to residents and visitors.

1,820 SF of Ground Floor Retail: Say hello to exciting new shopping and dining opportunities right at your doorstep.

3rd Story Amenity Courtyard: A little slice of outdoor heaven, right in the heart of the city. The amenity space will include a flexible seating area, lounge seating, a large fire hearth, tons of plantlife, and more.

Rendering of new mixed-use building columbus

We’re not just talking about functionality here; aesthetics matter too! The building will feature key materials such as brick, cast stone coping, hardie board, corrugated metal siding, metal balconies, storefront glazing, and decorative lighting. It’s all about creating a modern yet welcoming atmosphere.

This project has been in the works for a while, with the Commission giving its initial support back in April. They provided some valuable feedback, including moving the garage entrance to Lafayette for clearer demarcation and exploring variations in arches.

In response to the Commission’s feedback, the project team has made some exciting adjustments, including creating variation in the arches on the north façade and shifting the garage access to Lafayette. The changes aim to enhance the project’s overall design and functionality.

model rendering mixed-use development columbus

If there’s one thing the Commission is still pushing for with the building, it’s the inclusion of some sort of public art.

The Downtown Commission meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 26th, at 8:30 am at 111 N. Front Street and it’s your chance to stay in the loop. You can also livestream the meetings on Youtube. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this development and how it’s shaping up to become a dynamic addition to our downtown community.