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Midnight At Moonville Is The Spookiest Festival In Ohio

Listen up, ghost hunters.

If you are into paranormal activity in Ohio, then you probably already know about Moonville Tunnel. The mysterious tunnel will be the location of the Midnight at Moonville festival.

Moonville was a tiny coal town that peaked in the mid-1800s with barely 100 people. By the early 1950s, the town had been returned to the wilderness, with only a few abandoned houses along the quiet railway.

To reach the heart of the ghost town now, you have to travel through the Moonville Tunnel, which makes it the perfect place to celebrate all things paranormal.

Midnight At Moonville is a one-day, Halloween-themed festival full of paranormal activities. Not that kind. Well, maybe that kind. Visitors can listen to dramatic ghost stories, take a wagon ride, shop for souvenirs at regional craft vendors, learn about the history of Moonville and enjoy music. The evening will conclude with an actual paranormal investigation lead by a respected research group.

Midnight At Moonville will kick off at 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 12 with storytelling and tarot card readings. At 7 p.m., wagon rides to the Moonville Cemetary will start. The last event of the evening, the paranormal investigation, will begin at 12 a.m. Parking is $5 and can be found at 71945 Shea Road, McArthur, Ohio 45651. The majority of activities and entertainment at the festival are free of charge. The event is cash only.

If you plan on attending, there are a few things you’ll want to remember. First, it’s always good to arrive a little early to give yourself time to find your way to the parking area on Shea Road. You’ll definitely want to wear comfortable, outdoor appropriate shoes since you’ll have to walk over some difficult terrain.

Most of the event takes place after sundown, so don’t forget to bring a flashlight, although there will be some for purchase if it slips your mind. The festival takes place in a pretty rural area, so don’t expect to get great cell service while you’re visiting Moonville.