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Little Ladies Soft Serve Is Columbus’ Most Adorable Ice Cream Truck

Little Ladies Soft Serve is the cutest new ice cream truck in town and it’s run by a dedicated mom.

Little Ladies Soft Serve is the cutest new food truck you’ll be seeing around town. Lydia Chambers created Little Ladies Soft Serve with her husband, Will, in the spring of 2018.

The couple moved to Ohio four years ago from Philadelphia. Her husband has a full-time job as a carpenter and Lydia was searching for something to do with her background in cooking. She went back and forth on how to balance her time with her two daughters while still pursuing her passion.

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The soft serve truck used to be a postal service truck. Until the duo purchased it at a government auction, that is. Will was a little nervous purchasing the truck without ever seeing it but Lydia was full speed ahead. I happen to think Lydia is a genius because the truck turned out amazing. Will completely refurbished the truck and installed the soft serve machine. Will’s super handy skills allowed them to create the truck themselves, which left more time for Lydia to focus on creating flavors

Being a mom is a huge part of Lydia’s life and this truck shows that. The name Little Ladies came from her two daughters and the pink, blue, and gold color scheme was designed based on one of her daughter’s outfits. All the flavors are traditional girls names including two flavors named after both of her girls.

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Mable’s flavor is hand-dyed blue, pink, and gold sprinkles. Ida’s flavor is a fruity pebbles sundae, but her favorite flavor is the Trudy. Ida made sure to tell me twice at our interview so I’m looking forward to trying that one this weekend. Lydia’s goal is to keep it simple but still fun and quirky. The menu has a consistent seven items and then a seasonal flavor that changes.

The Aggie. via Little Ladies Soft Serve

The first time they took the truck out was last June.

“The first night was a disaster,” Lydia said laughing. “Chocolate soft serve spilled all over the truck as I was driving to the place I was going.”

What Lydia learned the hard way was that the soft serve machine is super high maintenance. But the couple was determined to make it work. Her husband even took a week-long class on how to operate and maintain the machine. That’s dedication.

She spent her first few months learning the ropes by taking the truck around parking lots in the Sunbury and New Albany areas and now she’s ready to spend the summer in Columbus at tons of festivals and events around town.

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Lydia runs the truck by herself and sometimes hires family friends to help out. She said that now that she’s expecting another little one, she might have to hire more help throughout the season.

This adventure has been a big commitment for Lydia and her family. As a mom, she wants to be able to balance her time between her family and her new business.

“For me, it’s always about this big picture of my own personal life, my time with my kids, my time with Will and all of that,” Lydia said. “Everything I think about through that filter.”

I don’t know about you all, but I freaking love soft serve so I’m super excited to see them around town this summer.

Find Little Ladies on Instagram and Facebook to see where they’ll be next. For a full summer schedule, check their Truck Tracker on their website.

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