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This Bright And Bubbly Cat Cafe Is A Great Place To Forget Your Worries

Have you ever walked into a place and just felt immediately happy? Because that’s totally the feeling you’ll get when you walk into Kitty Bubble Cafe.

Serving a duel purpose as both an extremely cute place to grab a drink and a shelter for adoptable cats, Kitty Bubble is a unique experience here in Columbus.

Photos by Chelsea Wiley.

Owner Ivy Hou knew that she wanted to do more to help the cat population of Columbus. After volunteering at Colony Cats and the closure of the city’s previous cat cafe, she saw an opportunity.

“I visited other cat cafes, not in Columbus but in other cities, and I really liked it. I wanted to have more cats myself, but I just can’t have a whole lot of cats in my house,” she said with a laugh. “I hope people can find their right cat. They can come here and know their personality better, they can spend some time, get some connections, both the cats and the humans, and hopefully, we can lower the return ratio.”

The design aesthetic at Kitty Bubble is incredible. Hau wanted to bring her love of all things pink and Asian influence together and with a little help from an architecture and design firm, she created something truly unique to this city.

When you first walk in, you’ll find yourself in the cafe portion of Kitty Bubble. Everything from the lighting to the adorable cat chair gives you an immediate dose of joy. In this space, you can order bakery treats, coffee, tea, and even beer.

But the best reason to visit is to say hello to the adorable adoptable cats. In a separate array from the cafe, you can make a reservation to go in and play with several cats who are searching for their forever homes from Colony Cats.

“We get all of our cats from Colony cats, so we just act as a foster home,” she explained.

The shelter handles the adoption process, but Kitty Bubble gives the cats a unique opportunity to interact with potential adoptive families in a calm, relaxed way.

So far, Kitty Bubble has helped 44 cats find homes, and that’s what makes this venture so special to Ivy.

“It’s a really emotional business. When cats get adopted, we even get emotional ourselves. We want them to go to a good home,” she said. “Some people even give us updates when the cats are in a new home and it’s very satisfying.”

Kitty Bubble Cafe is located at 5568 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214. For more information or to schedule your reservation for some one-on-one time with these incredible kitties, please visit