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Kings Island Is Definitely Getting A Giga Coaster

Originally published 5/28/19. Updated 8/18/19.

By now, we all know that Ohio is world-renowned for our epic roller coasters.

It was rumored back in May that Kings Island would be adding another world-class coaster to their ever-growing list, and that rumor was true. The leaked blueprints from May showed the plans for “Project X”, which Kings Island confirmed on Thursday to be a new giga coaster called Orion.

Before we get any further, we should probably talk about what a giga coaster actually is. This style of coaster has to be between 300-399 feet tall and complete a full circuit. the first giga coaster, Millenium Force, opened back in 2000 at Cedar Point.

Orion is the seventh giga coaster in the world and will sit where the Firehawk used to be. The theme of the roller coaster is space inspired. Riders will be treated as volunteers for a science experiment, testing prototypes to help save humanity from meteors.

When the coaster opens up in spring 2020, guests can expect to reach speeds of 91 mph, a 300 foot drop, and enjoy 8 hills. The coaster will be the tallest, fastest, and longest steel coaster at Kings Island.

To learn more about the other rides at Kings Island or to plan a trip to the park, you can visit their website here.