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Kings Island Unveils Three Renamed Rides in Exciting 2024 Kid-Friendly Expansion

Kings Island has some thrilling updates in store for the 2024 season, promising a whole new level of family-friendly excitement. In an exciting announcement, the theme park shared that three of its iconic rides will be getting brand-new names, adding to the charm and thrill of the park experience.

Last summer, Kings Island teased an expansion to its popular kids’ area, Planet Snoopy, and the details are finally here! The expansion, now dubbed Camp Snoopy, will introduce visitors to a world of exciting attractions and activities that promise to elevate the family fun factor.

An exciting, kid-friendly coaster

Leading the charge is the much-anticipated addition, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers—a boomerang coaster designed for families. This thrilling ride launches riders down a daring hill at speeds of up to 36 miles per hour. With a 672-foot racetrack featuring twists and turns, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers is set to deliver an unforgettable soap box derby experience that’s perfect for all ages.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Camp Snoopy introduces Beagle Scout Acres, a carefully crafted area designed as a campsite paradise. Families can enjoy a shaded, comfortable space with turfed mounds, grassy areas, interactive equipment for play, tents to climb through or over, and footprint paths created by Woodstock and friends. It’s the ideal spot for kids to run, crawl, play, or simply relax with the whole family.

As part of the Camp Snoopy expansion, Kings Island is adding a delightful touch with “Camptivities” led by members of the Peanuts gang.

From raising the flag up the flagpole to lighting a campfire or making the camp bugle sound, these activities promise to make every visit feel like a day at camp, filled with laughter and shared memories.

To complement these exciting additions, some existing rides are undergoing name changes to seamlessly integrate into the Camp Snoopy theme. Race for Your Life Charlie Brown will now be known as Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride, Flying Ace Aerial Chase will transform into Woodstock’s Air Rail, and Woodstock Gliders will officially become Franklin’s Flyers.

camp snoopy roller coasters at kings island
Rendering via Kings Island

The 2024 season at Kings Island is shaping up to be a family-friendly extravaganza, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and new adventures. So, mark your calendars, gather the family, and get ready to explore the wonders of Camp Snoopy.

Kings Island will open for the season in May 2024. For more info, head over to