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Kim Kardashian To Speak At An Ohio Innocence Project Event For Kevin Keith

This afternoon, Kim Kardashian will be participating in an event at the Ohio State University.

The event, sponsored by the Ohio Innocence Project, will focus on Kevin Keith’s case, who also happens to be the subject of Kardashian’s criminal justice reform podcast.

Kevin Keith was taken off death row by Governor Ted Strickland 12 years ago. Keith has maintained for years that he was wrongfully convicted of a 1994 triple homicide in Bucyrus. Keith was sentenced to death after a jury convicted him of shooting and killing Linda, Marchell, and Marchae Chatman on February 13, 1994.

Eyewitness testimony claimed that Keith was the killer but there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime and his lawyers claim he wasn’t even in Bucyrus at the time of the shootings.

In addition to the three victims who died, others survived the shooting, including siblings Quanita and Quentin Reeves, who were six and four at the time. The Reeves siblings maintain that they knew Kevin and that he was the one who attacked the family.

Keith is serving a life sentence at Marion Correctional Facility and has been denied his petition for pardon consistently, most recently on January 13.

Keith was the subject of Kardashian’s podcast on criminal justice reform, The System. Although the podcast created buzz and brought new eyes onto Keith’s case, the Reeves siblings say they weren’t contacted by anyone at the podcast to hear their side of the story.

According to NBC4, Kardashian is expected to participate in an Ohio Innocence Project-sponsored panel at Ohio State later today. It remains unclear whether or not the event will be open to the public.

You can find the podcast, Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith, on Spotify.