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Iconic Arts Magazine Declares Columbus a Premier Destination for Creatives and Foodies

For out of towners, Columbus might not be the first city that springs to mind when considering America’s top destinations for culture and culinary delights. However, a recent feature by ARTnews has compellingly showcased the city’s vibrant arts scene and diverse food landscape, making a strong case for Columbus as a must-visit for foodies and art enthusiasts alike.

The article embarks on a cultural journey through Columbus, spotlighting its rich tapestry of galleries, public art installations, and culinary hotspots that collectively paint a picture of a city deeply invested in the arts and community. One standout mention is the innovative approach of No Place Gallery, founded by Columbus College of Art & Design alum James McDevitt-Stredney. The gallery is celebrated for its eclectic mix of Midwestern artists and international talent, epitomizing the dynamic exchange between local and global art scenes.

Skylab Gallery, a cornerstone of Columbus’s independent art spaces since 1999, is highlighted for its role in nurturing the city’s cultural identity. Not just a gallery, Skylab has become a venue for experimental music. Similarly, the Dream Clinic Project Space is lauded for its unique utilization of a compact, unconventional venue to encourage artistic experimentation.

The article also delves into the Maroon Arts Group’s MPACC Box Park, a creative outdoor space in the Bronzeville neighborhood that fosters community engagement through art, performances, and vegan soul food. This initiative exemplifies how Columbus uses art to transform and uplift communities.

Public art in Columbus receives special attention, with works like Aminah Robinson’s mural “Life in Sellsville 1871–1900” and the whimsical Topiary Garden Park, which reimagines Georges Seurat’s famous painting in topiary form. The piece also celebrates the legacy of Jesse Owens with a bronze sculpture at Ohio Stadium and introduces readers to the interactive digital sculpture “As We Are” at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where visitors can become part of the art.

Columbus’s food scene is depicted as both diverse and flourishing. The article savors the flavors of the city, from the intimate and plant-centric dishes at commune to the authentic Himalayan cuisine at Momo Ghar, a family-owned restaurant praised by Guy Fieri. Chapman’s Eat Market is noted for its global culinary influences, while Parable Café and the Bottle Shop are highlighted for their innovative beverages and commitment to community.

ARTnews has been around since 1902 and is a well-trusted resource for so many. Of course, we Columbus residents know we live in an arts and foodie haven, but the ARTnews feature makes the city a compelling stop for travelers looking to immerse themselves in a vibrant and creative urban experience.