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Take To The Skies In A Hot Air Balloon Flight Around Central Ohio

Have you ever wanted to get a whole new perspective on Columbus?

Columbus Aeronauts is open every day of the year, just waiting to take you up, up, and away. The hot air balloon company has been taking customers to the skies over Central Ohio, offering sweeping views of Columbus and the surrounding areas.

The hot air balloon adventures typically last about an hour and range from the treetops to several thousand feet. Floating along over bodies of water like Alum Creek and Hoover Dam at sunrise/sunset, you’ll get one-of-a-kind views of this gorgeous area we call home.

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Pricing for flights starts at $325/person and each flight package includes photographs from the chase crew on the ground and photos from the pilot in the air.

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The flights run at sunrise and sunset, which is when the wind tends to be the calmest. When making your reservation, you can choose which options work best for you.

Columbus Aeronauts only take two to four passengers per balloon and it’s possible to reserve the entire basket if you’re looking for a private flight.

For more information about hot air balloon rides through Columbus Aeronauts, you can visit