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Take To The Skies For A Stunning Hocking Hills Fall Adventure

It’s the perfect time of year for a little adventure.

And there’s no place in Ohio that is better suited to take your breath away than a weekend in Hocking Hills. From the incredibly fall foliage to the idyllic atmosphere, Hocking Hills is at it’s best in the fall.

The first major selling point on a Hocking Hills adventure is that it’s only an hour away. You’ll feel absolutely transported without having to go very far at all. Plus, on your way down, you’ll encounter some beautiful landscapes, which means the trip really starts as soon as you leave.

Ash Cave, photo by Brian Oleson.

The rock formations that are dotted throughout the Hocking Hills regions were formed literal eons ago by glaciers. Thanks to that slow work, we get to enjoy waterfalls, soaring cliffs, and caves. Start your weekend adventure by taking a hike to one of the area’s many attractions, including Whispering Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Conkle’s Hollow, or Cedar Falls. Once you get an appreciation for them on the ground, it’s time to start the real adventure.

By taking a ride with Hocking Hills Scenic Air Tours, you can get a view of the region that you’ve never seen before. The plane will fly you high above the forest and waterfalls for a unique look at the area we’ve all grown to love. The flights are piloted by Harry Sowers, a pilot with 40 years of experience and a lot of good jokes.

Harry’s number one hint for flying? Don’t fly on an empty stomach… or a full one for that matter.

An aerial view of Old Man’s Cave Upper Falls.

Two-person flights start at $99. The length of your flight will determine your price, and you can fly for 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, although 45 and 60-minute flights are temporarily suspended. The flights are offered year-round and there are no age restrictions for passengers.

The views from the plane are absolutely insane. You’ll never look at Hocking Hills the same way again.

Conkles Hollow, photo by Josiah Wade.

Who’s ready to fly?