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This Used Bookstore Has Finally Reopened In Columbus

Three years have passed since the book retailer Half Price Books turned the page on its Lane Ave location, leaving a bookmark in the hearts of many book enthusiasts in the area. However, the narrative is about to get a much-anticipated sequel. Half Price Books is making a comeback, reopening its doors to the public in a new chapter that promises to bring affordable books back to the community.

Situated at 1389 W. Lane Ave, the new Half Price Books store is slated to open its doors on March 15, operating from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This grand reopening is not just a return but a revival of the spirit of reading in the community, offering a vast selection of books at bargain prices.

Ahead of the official sales start, the store has been welcoming individuals looking to sell their books, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, except Sundays. This initiative allows the store to stock up on a variety of titles ensuring that there’s something for every reader when the sales floor opens.

The Grand Opening Celebration, set for March 15, promises to be an event that book lovers won’t want to miss. In addition to the excitement of browsing through the stacks of books, customers will enjoy a 20% discount on in-store purchases through March 17. It’s worth noting that the discount excludes blue sticker items among some others, but with the variety of books available, finding treasures will be part of the adventure.

The excitement doesn’t end with the grand opening.

On March 26, Half Price Books will host bestselling fantasy author Jeneane O’Riley for a book launch and meet and greet event. O’Riley, known for her captivating storytelling, will be introducing her latest work, How Does It Feel?, the inaugural novel in her Infatuated Fae series. This dark romance weaves a tale of forbidden love between a human and an Unseelie Fae prince, a narrative that promises to enchant and engage readers.

Whether you’re a longtime fan eager to revisit the aisles of this cherished bookstore or a newcomer curious about the treasures within, Half Price Books is the perfect place to treat yourself to a literary adventure. The store’s commitment to making reading affordable and accessible to all is a testament to the lasting power of books in bringing people together. So mark your calendars, for the story of Half Price Books on Lane Ave is ready for its next exciting chapter.