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Frontline’s Growing Up Poor In America Explores The Hardships Of Children Living In Poverty In Ohio

Before COVID-19 hit, there was an estimated 12 million children in America living in poverty.

Poverty was disproportionately affecting Black and Latino kids, and then the coronavirus came along, increasing the burden even further. “Growing Up Poor In America” introduces us to three Ohio children and their families: 13-year-old Shawn from The Plains, 12-year-old Laikyen from Marietta, and 14-year-old Kyah from right here in Columbus.

The documentary explores what it’s like for these children, who come from vulnerable communities and who are dealing with harsher realities than some of us can even imagine. The film was directed by Jezza Neumann, the director behind 2012’s “Poor Kids”.

Like that project, “Growing Up Poor In America” takes a deep dive into how poverty impacts children, especially when it coincides with the pandemic, the upcoming presidential election, and America’s history with racism.