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Gravity Experience Park Will Offer Everything From Pickleball Courts To A Winter Ice Rink

Nestled in the heart of Franklinton, an exciting partnership between the developers of the Gravity project and Land-Grant Brewing Co. is coming our way.

The upcoming Gravity Experience Park, set to open on the corner of McDowell and West State streets, will transform an empty lot into a year-round adult playground, offering a unique blend of amenities to enjoy.

The Gravity Experience Park is a significant component of the expansive 15-acre Gravity development, which spans West Broad Street and includes landmarks such as Land-Grant Brewing Co., the Idea Foundry, and the newly established apartments and offices of the second phase of Gravity.

With construction expected to kick off shortly, the park’s inaugural events are scheduled to take place as early as October.

Rendering by GRA+D architects

Taking the lead in operating the Gravity Experience Park is Land-Grant Brewing Co., renowned for its Franklinton brewery and good vibes. With its proven track record of providing an inviting atmosphere, Land-Grant is poised to extend its charm to this new recreational space.

Gravity Experience Park will offer an array of attractions to suit various preferences. Its standout features include versatile pickleball courts that will transition into an ice rink during winter, a concert stage for live entertainment, welcoming fire pits for gatherings, and carefully designed seating areas adorned with public art.

“We envision this park being like a town square — a place that brings people from Franklinton and all over Columbus together in all these fun and amazing ways. We’ve learned so much in the last five years building and operating our beer garden, piecing it together bit by bit to its current state,” said Land-Grant President Adam Benner in a news release.

“We are excited to use that experience on a blank slate to create one-of-a-kind experiences that we have not been able to do in the past. We cannot wait to roll out some of these new ideas for this year’s Wintergarden.”

Rendering by GRA+D architects

Gravity founder Brett Kaufman, the CEO of Kaufman Development, called Land-Grant an ideal partner for the park.

“Adam and his team are bringing incredible energy to the project,” Kaufman said in a news release. “We’re excited to work together to deliver enjoyable and meaningful experiences in the community.”

The driving force behind the larger Gravity project, Kaufman Development, initially launched the blend of apartments, restaurants, and offices on the north side of West Broad Street in 2017.

The ongoing second phase of Gravity, situated on the southern side of West Broad Street, is nearing completion, introducing additional apartments, offices, restaurants, and spaces dedicated to artists.

As anticipation builds for the Gravity Experience Park’s debut, it is clear that the neighborhood of Franklinton continues to evolve. This collaborative endeavor is poised to contribute to the area’s unique character, providing a space for residents and visitors to come together and enjoy a range of entertainment options.