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The Orchid Exhibition At Franklin Park Conservatory Is A Blissful Escape From Winter

Looking to take a little break from the chilly temps of winter?

It’s the perfect time to plan a visit to Franklin Park Conservatory. The annual Orchids exhibition has made a triumphant return to the conservatory, and it’s guaranteed to brighten up any gray, winter day.

The exhibition features thousands of orchids and these lush, blooming tropical plants will be on display through March 7.

via Franklin Park Conservatory

One of the most technical of the Conservatory’s annual exhibitions, Orchids is a showcase of horticultural skill and artistry that I can only admire, considering I managed to kill a succulent this year.

From floating orchid orbs to exotic displays, the orchid exhibit is genuinely beautiful. But they aren’t the only exhibit worth visiting. This year’s exhibition will also feature a series of 10 paintings by local artist Robert Falcone, who was inspired to create the series after seeing photographs of Orchids last year.

via Franklin Park Conservatory

January through October also brings back the return of Chihuly Nights. If you’ve never had the chance to explore the incredible works on display by Chihuly, it’s an absolute treat.

Franklin Park Conservatory is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Orchid Exhibitions is included in your admission and you can reserve tickets via the Franklin Park Conservatory website.