You Can Host A Dog From The Franklin County Dog Shelter For A Holiday Sleepover

This holiday season, Central Ohio families can make a big difference in the lives of some well-deserving doggos.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter announced two new programs that genuinely brought a massive smile to my face. The first initiative is called Holiday Sleepover and honestly, it may be the best idea the shelter has ever had.

Over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s, interested families can host a dog in their house for three days. Because the shelter is closed for the holidays, it’s the perfect way for the pups to get some extra snuggles at a time when their human contact would otherwise be limited.

Families who host a pup will be asked to take photos of the dog and write up paragraph description of their experience, which will help the dogs get adopted down the road.

“So many families have great memories of dogs at their holiday get-togethers,” said Kaye Dickson, Director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter.

“And plenty of people are looking for some extra companionship at this time of year. The Holiday Sleepover program will get the dogs out into a new setting for a few days, bring some extra joy to the holidays for some Franklin County families, and help out with adoption in the long run.”

The shelter also announced that they would be expanding their volunteer program to include a family volunteer option, where groups of all ages can help out with tasks that are appropriate.

Socialization with different people is crucial to the dogs’ mental and physical health and helps them avoid behavioral problems that impede adoption.

“For so many of us, dogs are a special part of our family,” said Dickson. “But not every family can adopt a dog full-time. This program will provide an opportunity for families to spend time together, including with a loving dog, and will help staff at the shelter and improve the dog’s long-term outlook.”

Anyone interested in either the Holiday Sleepover or family volunteering programs should email [email protected] for more information.

Just in case you’re on the fence, I’ll leave you with this adorable photo of a Golden Retriever puppy in pajamas.