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10 Columbus Gifts That’ll Make Someone Happy To Stay Inside All Winter

We may have occasional warm weekends, but for the next few months, it’s going to be chilly around here.

It’s officially hibernation season around the Buckeye state. It’s also a time of year when a lot of us are expected to give presents.

So let’s all do each other a favor this year and make the winter months a little easier for everyone. Here are 10 Columbus Gifts That’ll Make Someone Happy To Stay Inside All Winter.

Give them the gift of their favorite vinyl album on repeat.

Shop local at Magnolia Thunderpussy, 1155 N High St.

Who doesn’t wanna snuggle up in comfy sweatshirt?

Grab one from Homage for $60.

Get those rooms smelling right, people.

Grab something off the shelf or create your own scent at The Candle Lab.

We all have that one friend that just wants to watch made-for-tv Christmas movies under a giant, fuzzy blanket. (I’m that friend)

Snag this super comfy knitted throw from Happy Go Lucky.

Who wouldn’t wanna sip their tea out of this cute af mug?

Get it on Etsy.

It’s a scientific fact that eating carbs makes winter more enjoyable.

Columbus has some truly delicious bakeries, so I’ll just let you pick your favorite. (The Best Bread in Columbus)

Everyone needs warm feet. And we’d all love a pizza.

Order some fun socks from 934Design on Etsy.

Dogs shouldn’t be given as gifts, but they are a gift to humanity. Seriously, we don’t deserve them, but you should get one anyways.

There are many adoptable dogs looking for homes this time of year. Adopt, don’t shop! View adoptable pups here.

Nothing warms you up quite like a beer. I can already feel my cheeks getting red.

An Oatmeal Raisin Stout from Land-Grant Brewing Co. will definitely do the trick.

Just because the plan calls for a night in, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style.

Get the goods from Tigertree.

Okay, people. On a scale of 1 to 10, how cozy are we?


Originally published 12/3/18. Updated 12/16/19.