A Guide To Fine And Fancy Dining

If there is one thing we all know about Columbus, it’s that the food scene here is an ever changing, nationally recognized phenomenon. But what people don’t realize is the level of fine dining that you can find around town. With influences from all around the world, Columbus is quickly becoming the foodie capital of the Midwest. For those looking for the perfect fine dining “fancy restaurant” experience, look no further than the wonderful restaurants listed below.


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A German Village institution, Lindey’s has been serving up delicious food for the last 25 years. The traditional dining room and inviting environment are the perfect combinations for a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the food is some of the best you can find in the city.

The Pearl

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If you’re looking for a fancy vibe with a comforting ambiance, look no further than The Pearl. Serving up oysters, comfort food and a large selection of beers, The Pearl will appeal to just about everyone. The restaurant walks the line between fine-dining and casual comfort so well, which is how it’s made its way to the top of the Columbus food chain in the last year.


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This modern Italian marvel is perhaps one of the best places to grab Italian food in the whole city. Their fine dining flair and attention to traditional flavors are what makes Martini special. Although it is part of the Cameron Mitchell powerhouse, Martini stands on its own. Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious cocktail while you’re there.


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Barcelona has been serving up an elegant Spanish menu in the heart of German Village for years now. Mixing old world Europe with modern America isn’t easy, but the staff at Barcelona get the combination just right. The Barcelona dining experience isn’t just defined by the quality of the food. They have one of the best outdoor dining areas in the city.

M at Miranova

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With gorgeous views of the Scioto River and a menu fit for royalty, M at Miranova perfectly executes fine dining. Their comprehensive menu has a little something for everyone and their cocktails have won Columbus-based awards in 2016. M at Miranova not only has a gorgeous dining room floor, but they also offer exclusive private dining.

The Refectory

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If I only had two words to describe The Refectory, I’d choose elegant and refined. But hey, I’m running this show, so I’ll say a few more. The food, directed by Chef Richard Blondin of Lyon, France, is an inspiration. If you’re looking for amazing french cuisine here in the capital city, you don’t want to miss The Refectory.


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Although it tends more towards the casual side of fine dining, no list of restaurants in Columbus would be complete without Grandview’s Spagio. For over 30 years, the staff of Spagio has managed to create a genuinely fun fine dining experience. Quality food and drinks served in an unpretentious manner seem to be the specialty here. Chef Hubert had guided the restaurant to its current success and has managed to find a way to make food and wine accessible to every customer who walks through the doors.

The Worthington Inn

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While some fine dining restaurants fall into the trap of catering to the ever whim of their customers, The Worthington Inn manages to balance an incredible dining experience with seasonally available foods. Chefs Mike Waters and Cece Fehlhaber have been working in the Worthington Inn kitchen for 20 years, and their knowledge and experience is evident in the food their guests are served.

G Michaels Bistro

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G Michaels Bistro is a fine dining experience like no other in Downtown Columbus. Not only is the menu prepared based on seasonal availability, most of the ingredients are locally sourced. Chef Tetzloff has been heading the kitchen since 1999, and his experience and care shows through every dish that makes its way into the dining room. Menus are prepared each season, but one thing you can almost always count on finding at G Michaels Bistro is a tasty pork dish.

Hollywood Casino

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At Columbus’ Hollywood Casino, you’ll find an award-winning fine dining experience. Final Cut Steak and Seafood is, according to Forbes, the best steakhouse in Columbus. The only Four-Star award winning restaurant in Columbus, Final Cut offers a traditional fine dining menu with special attention paid to presentation.