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John Glenn International Is Offering A Convenient New Cell Phone Waiting Lot

There are few things in this city taken as seriously as the drop-off/pick-up lane at John Glenn International Airport.

We’ve all been there, waiting for our ride outside of the airport because our bags took longer than we thought they would and our friend had to do an extra loop. But we can all take a deep breath because the airport has heard our cries for help.

The airport has opened a new Cell Phone Waiting Lot. The lot has officially moved and is very conveniently located less than a minute from the terminal, next to the Blue Long-Term Shuttle Lot. The Cell Phone lot is still free to park in and offers more spaces as well as enhanced lighting and security.

Say goodbye to the mad dash upon leaving the plane. Take an extra minute at baggage claim. Text your friend when you get outside and know that they will be up to the terminal in under a minute.

Getting home after a long trip has never been so easy.


Featured Image by Adam Jones.