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Amazon Opening Instant Pickup Store In Columbus

We’ve all had those days. The kind where you just want something, right then, right there, no delays. I call them Veruca Salt days.


Amazon is promising to give Columbusites what they want when they want it. Amazon will be opening Instant Pickup locations in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley, CA, Atlanta, GA, College Park, MD, and most importantly, Columbus.

Instant Pickup is as easy as it sounds. Order what you want from Amazon, purchase it, then head to the store to pick it up. All within minutes after ordering. Items available at Instant Pickup locations include snacks, drinks, and electronics, as well as some of Amazon’s most popular devices.

“Instant Pickup is another way Amazon is making life more convenient for Prime members,” said Ripley MacDonald, Director, Student Programs, Amazon. “As shopping behaviors continue to evolve, customers consistently tell us that they want items even faster. Whether it’s a snack on-the-go, replacing a lost phone charger in the middle of a hectic day or adding Alexa to your life with an Echo, Instant Pickup saves Prime members time.”

“While Instant Pickup is available at select pickup locations today, we’re excited about bringing this experience to more customers soon.”

Using the Amazon App, Prime and Prime Student members can order and pickup food, cold drinks, personal care items, and technology essentials. You can even purchase Amazon devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, Fire TV, as well as some Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers.

When you get to the store, skip the line and head straight to the pickup lockers.


Although it’s not been confirmed, the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that a likely location for the Amazon Instant Pickup store is at 2114 N. High St. The location was previously announced as an Amazon Campus store, and construction began in the beginning of April.

Service at Amazon Instant Pickup is expected to begin this week. For more information, please click here.