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Clintonville Is The Hottest Hipster Market In America, According To Science

Hold on to your vape pens and beanie caps, Columbus just became the most hipster market in the whole U.S.

That’s right. Not San Francisco, not Seattle, not friggin’ Portland, but Columbus was just named the hottest hipster market in America. At least that’s what a recent Yelp study determined. They combined forces with to determine the best housing markets in areas with a flourishing hipster economy (i.e. small businesses that specialize in locally sourced frozen yogurt, pho, or vintage anything really).

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It wasn’t just the whole city of Columbus that topped the list, no, they narrowed it all the way down to the very zip code.

And which, might you ask, is the most ironic D.A.R.E. tee-shirt wearing, 80s vinyl collecting, handlebar mustache rocking, neighborhood in all of Columbus? Clintonville actually takes the cake on this one (unsurprisingly).

The list was determined by the number of times “hipster” was mentioned in a Yelp review and by ranking each area by median days on market and median page views per listing on After Columbus in the number one spot comes Seattle, then San Diego, and Fort Wayne (that one took me by surprise). What’s the rest of the list look like? No problem, I got you fam.

RankingMarketYelp Hipster Score*Market Hotness**
1Columbus, Ohio (43202)90.199.8
2Seattle (98122)95.994.1
3San Diego, Calif. (92104)95.693.7
4Fort Wayne, Ind. (46802)88.295.7
5Rochester, N.Y. (14620)92.592.8
6San Francisco (94117)84.396.0
7Long Beach, Calif. (90814)93.290.7
8Louisville, Ky. (40217)97.587.8
9Grand Rapids, Mich. (49506)88.892.4
10Colorado Springs, Colo. (80903)86.892.9
11Royal Oak, Mich (48067)77.698.2
12Oklahoma City, Okla. (73103)94.987.8
13Milwaukee, Wis. (53207)96.485.6
14St. Louis (63143)75.996.9
15Charlotte, N.C. (28205)93.685.9
17Riverside, Calif. (92501)88.687.0
18Denver (80203)93.085.0
19Eugene, Ore. (97402)82.090.5
20Tampa, Fla. (33603)99.580.1
21Omaha, Neb. (68104)91.785.0
22Fresno, Calif. (93728)84.588.4
23Asheville, N.C. (28806)83.688.7
24Arlington, Mass. (02474)68.297.5
25Dallas (75208)93.582.7
26Boise, Idaho (83702)89.185.2
27Lawrence, Kan. (66044)91.882.6
28Santa Rosa, Calif. (95401)68.695.8
29Fargo, N.D. (58102)89.382.7
30Santa Clara, Calif. (95051)65.794.5
31Chico, Calif. (95928)71.290.8
32Richmond, Va. (23220)94.177.9
33Orlando, Fla. (32803)94.577.4
34Buffalo, N.Y. (14222)83.883.0
35Salt Lake City, Utah (84105)85.680.8
36Lancaster, Pa. (17603)85.280.5
37Ann Arbor, Mich. (48104)80.483.1
38Vancouver, Wash. (98660)78.184.1
39Gilbert, Ariz. (85234)71.987.4
40Akron, Ohio (44303)98.573.1
41Memphis, Tenn. (38104)81.880.5
42Sacramento, Calif. (95819)53.197.1
43Greensboro, N.C. (27403)79.581.7
44Santa Cruz, Calif. (95060)60.692.6
45Birmingham, Ala. (35222)90.275.8
46Tulsa, Okla. (74120)87.976.4
47Indianapolis, Ind. (46205)95.372.6
48Provo, Utah (84601)82.378.9
49Nashville, Tenn. (37204)81.179.3
50Alexandria, Va. (22301)72.683.8


Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

So Congratulations Clintonville.

I guess? Frigging hipsters. Also, one of you let me borrow your record player, I’ve got a vinyl copy of the Shinobi 3 soundtrack from Sega Genesis and I need to take this puppy for a spin. Yeah, I’m one of those self-hating hipsters, sue me.

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