Chris Bradley Moved From ICU At The James

10TV Meterologist Chris Bradley has shared a heartful update regarding his health.

Recently, Bradley had enrolled in a new immunotherapy trial at The James Cancer Hospital. But the trial didn’t go as planned.

“It has been a very difficult week. Truly a roller coaster. I ended up needing to be treated in the ICU at The James Cancer Hospital,” explained Bradley on Facebook. “Disappointing news to share – the immunotherapy clinical trial I was on did not work for me. However, good news tonight. My general health has improved enough that I’m being moved from the ICU to a regular hospital room.”

Bradley has been fighting acute myeloid leukemia since March 2017. His journey to health has been full of up’s and downs, but as Bradley has proved, he’s a fighter.

“This is a tough journey. I can’t thank my family enough for being at my side the entire time I was in the ICU. You are the best! I also am so grateful for all of the prayers and encouragements from ALL of you. Keep them coming and God Bless!”

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