Chris Bradley Is Continuing To Kick Cancer’s Butt

Everybody loves Chris. By Chris, I mean Chris Bradley, Columbus’ favorite weatherman.

Central Ohio has been sending good vibes Chris’ way since he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in March of 2017. After more than a yearlong battle, the meteorologist/hero finally got some good news he deserves.

“Good news to share! After two months of disappointing leukemia test results in April and May, the numbers have dropped a great deal in June,” shared Bradley in a Facebook update. “My bone marrow biopsy shows the leukemia dropped from 43% to 20%–keep those prayers coming! They are working! Ultimately I need the numbers to drop below 5% to move on to a biopsy.”

Chris’ journey has been full of ups and downs. Through it all, he has always been so appreciative of the support he receives from the community. Let’s all take a minute to celebrate this good news and to send Chris all of our thoughts, prayers, and good vibes as he continues to kick cancer’s butt.

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