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Central Ohio High Schools Shine In Latest Rankings

Once again, our local high schools are making us proud, shining bright in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings. This isn’t just about top scores and academic bragging rights—it’s proof that our schools are prepping students not just for college, but for the world beyond.

Quick Peek at the Rankings Method

Here’s how U.S. News breaks it down: they look at college readiness, state assessment scores, how schools perform against expectations, course variety, the performance of underserved students, and graduation rates. Lots to consider, right?

Local High Schools Crushing It

Taking a look at the leaderboard, Bexley High School is almost at the top with a whopping 99.17 score, especially strong in college prep and advanced courses. Not far behind, Dublin Jerome High School lands in the top ten, with its standout academic programs. Other schools like Olentangy Liberty and Columbus Alternative are also on the radar, each noted for their unique strengths in preparing students for the next steps.

More Than Just Grades

What’s cooler than great grades? Schools that care about holistic education. For instance, Columbus Alternative High School thrives with its strong International Baccalaureate (IB) focus, opening up global perspectives for students. Meanwhile, Dublin Jerome is getting it right with initiatives that support all students, making sure everyone gets the chance to succeed.

Why This Matters

These rankings are a nod to the hard work of our educators and students. They also help families and students figure out which schools might best fit their future plans, offering a mix of strong academics and supportive programs.

Stay Curious and Involved

With the educational landscape always changing, keeping up with how our schools are doing can help you make informed choices. Dive into school programs, join discussions, and maybe catch a few webinars to see firsthand what these top-ranking schools have to offer.